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Michele Tafoya Leaves NBC Sports To Cover Political Issues

Legendary sports reporter Michele Tafoya had an awakening of sorts and decided to leave NBC Sports. She says this decision was not encouraged or forced by her former network. The issue is that the nation (and world, quite frankly) have changed quite rapidly as of late. And this change has not been for the better. Tafoya’s main issue is with Critical Race Theory (CRT) in K-12 education. She currently has two teenagers going through the school system right now. The things they are taught are very concerning to her. She wants to speak out about things of that nature without fear of having it conflict with work at NBC.

One particular incident that may have sparked this awakening is Michele Tafoya’s recent appearance on “The View”. She expressed her grievance with CRT during her time on the show, much to the chagrin of Whoopi Goldberg. Tafoya spoke about her teenage kids being separated by race in what is called “affinity groups”. This is a practice that should concern everyone. It most certainly concerned Michele Tafoya. Whoopi Goldberg seemed perplexed by Tafoya’s concern. She even got aggressive with the former NBC Sports anchor. It was a strange moment. This was also a moment that underlined a serious problem with how “elites” view race relations in comparison to what normal people experience on a daily basis.

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Many Americans feel the exact same way that Michele Tafoya, a self-described “moderate”, does. Tafoya may not necessarily be a gun-toting bible-thumper… but she does have legitimate concerns that would alarm any logical person. Some issues should not even fall into the political sphere, but they have. It is quite frankly unimportant to ruminate over ways of the past where logic ruled the day more than current times. The reality is that what was once seen as absurd and impossible to happen is now commonplace. Leftist politicos do not see this as an issue. The result is regular, good people who may have been leftists just a few years ago are marooned.


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