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Police Are Not To Blame For Amir Locke’s Death

The social justice world has collectively rallied around the police shooting of 22-year-old Amir Locke in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Police were in the process of executing a no-knock warrant when they encountered Locked, who was presumably sleeping under a blanket on a couch. Locke had a gun in his hand and police opened fire due to the gun posing a threat. Unfortunately, Locked wound up losing his life and the blame game started.

More evidence and context surrounding this case are available than there was when the incident initially occurred. The evidence makes this case sort of open-and-shut. A 17-year-old by the name of Mekhi Speed was wanted for the murder of 38-year-old Otis Elder. Speed allegedly killed Elder in a drug deal turned robbery outside of a recording studio in St. Paul. Nobody was captured on the scene of the shooting, but police work identified the shooter as Mekhi Speed. The problem is that police had to find him and catch him to stand trial for the murder.

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Mekhi Speed, a murder suspect, was obviously seen as armed and dangerous. The type of person who would have no problem getting into a shootout to avoid capture. Speed has several social media posts displaying all types of guns including handguns and rifles. One of the guns was identified as a possible murder weapon. Police were able to get no-knock warrants signed off by Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill to search the Bolero Flats apartments for Mekhi Speed. The specific “no-knock” clause was put into the warrant to minimize harm to others since Speed is dangerous. Seven warrants in total were signed for other apartments related to the murder.

The specific raid in question at the Bolero Flats apartments was where Mekhi Speed’s brother and his brother’s girlfriend officially lived. Their name was most likely on the lease. Amir Locke was probably couch-surfing at their house. Although Locke was not the target, it is not the fault of the police that he was shot. What else could the police have done to prevent such a tragedy when they were looking for an armed and dangerous murder suspect? Amir Locke was simply in the wrong place that was made inhospitable by a murderous career-criminal type of cousin. And judging by the gun that Locke slept within his hand, he probably knew what type of place living in.


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