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Migrants Cause Chaos With Army/Navy Game Hotel Room Accommodations

The Army/Navy College Football game in Foxboro, Massachusetts became a “cluster” due to migrants taking hotel rooms. Rooms were booked for the event months in advance due to the high demand. However, about 70 reservations were canceled back in October due to Massachusett’s “right to shelter” law. It is unclear if the hotels made this decision on their own or if they were coerced by the state due to legal reasons. The end result of the aforementioned factors is migrants taking up the rooms that were canceled by people who had reserved them months in advance.

The famous football game has been an annual event for many years. Mostly veterans and active duty attend the game. There is so much popularity and history surrounding the event that even former Presidents of the United States have attended. However, the prestige and importance of this game did not prevent politics from getting involved and taking a front seat. Local and National news got involved, calling the situation “unacceptable” and a direct result of the Southern Border Crisis sponsored by the Biden Administration.

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Articles written near the game’s kickoff on Saturday, December 9th, 2023 suggest that everyone who lost a room was made whole. This does not appear to line up with reality. News reports from October say that several people decided to cancel the trip altogether due to their hotel reservations being canceled. There is also the issue of cost. Rooms booked well in advance tend to cost less than rooms booked at the last minute or just closer to the event date. Then, there is the issue of room quality and convenience. Tens of thousands of people poured into Foxboro for the game. Such confusion with hotel accommodations created a chaotic situation that should not be a thing that US military veterans experience.


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