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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Slams Biden Administration Help Is Not On The Way

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has slammed the Biden administration again due to their inaction concerning the border crisis. During a press conference on Friday, December 8th, 2023, Adams told constituents that his meeting in Washington, D.C. at the White House was largely fruitless and uneventful. He stated that “help is not on the way” in the near future. The help Mayor Adams is referring to is financial help from the Federal Government. The migrant crisis has caused a $7 billion shortfall in NYC’s operating budget. This excessive expenditure has forced the city to cut budgets for several city services, including sanitation and education.

Eric Adams unsuccessfully attempted to participate in this very same White House meeting just a few weeks ago. While his plane was in the air on the way to Washington from NYC, the home of his top fundraiser Brianna Suggs was raided by the FBI. Upon landing in DC, Adams had to make an about-face and immediately return home. Political commentators have speculated that the raid was executed at that time to send a message to Adams about his vocal anti-federal government stance when it comes to the issue of the migrant crisis. Obviously, any attempt at intimidation has not prevented the Mayor from speaking out.

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The NYC Mayor is not without fault concerning the migrant crisis. The Mayor of NYC and the Governor of New York have both pledged unwavering support for sanctuary cities and states, respectively. When challenged on the idea of NYC being a sanctuary city during his campaign to become Mayor, Adams doubled down. He stated that NYC will continue to be a sanctuary city under an Adams administration. Obviously, the outrageous number of 150,000 migrants in just about 18 months is something that the Mayor did not anticipate beforehand, but now he has to find a way to cope… without any help from the Biden administration.


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