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Miller Lite Competes With Bud Light For The Most Woke Beer Company

Miller Lite released a woke, feminist-style commercial back in March of this year that has just gone viral due to its proximity to Bud Light. Both beers are in competition with one another in more ways than one. Not only do these two beers exist in the same category sales-wise, but they are also apparently competing with each other over who will produce the most woke marketing material.

Dylan Mulvaney attracted a lot of negative attention to the Bud Light brand after some genius over in their marketing department sent him a custom beer can and a code for his followers to use. Miller Lite, on the other hand, produced a full commercial hailing feminist women and attempting to shy away from bikini-clad women. The newly-surfaced commercial got so much negative feedback online that was actually removed from YouTube by the company.

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