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Minnesota Mayor Says Police DON’T Always Need Weapons!

Mike Elliott, the Mayor of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota (Minneapolis), says that police don’t always need their weapons when conducting a traffic stop. The 37-year-old (who immigrated from Liberia at age 11 as a refugee) was referring to the circumstances surrounding the Daunte Wright shooting. The Mayor’s comments come as no surprise considering how liberal-left Minneapolis is and the general anti-law enforcement attitude that exists in the city.

Daunte Wright was accidentally shot by police during what started as a routine traffic stop. Police ran Wright’s plates and found out that he had a warrant. So rather than a simple ticket or warning, Wright was placed under arrest. While being handcuffed, Wright decided to get back in his vehicle and attempt to flee. Another officer, Kim Potter, came into the picture from the side to assist the trainee officer with this situation. She pulled her pistol allegedly by mistake instead of her taser. Body camera footage shows the pistol and it also has audio her declaring “taser” repeatedly. Potter shot Wright, he then drives off and dies later after crashing.

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The incident has sent shockwaves throughout Minneapolis who are currently bracing for a verdict in the Derrick Chauvin trial for charges related to George Floyd’s death. People from all over the United States have reportedly descended onto the area due to the Chauvin trial and the fresh police shooting of Daunte Wright. Once one adds all of the tension with the already very liberal stance of Minneapolis, it creates a volatile situation. Of course Mayor Mike Elliot’s comments about essentially disarming the police do not help, but they do not came as a surprise.


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