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MLB Player Trevor Williams Doubles Down On “Anti-LGBT” Tweet, Defends Catholicism

MLB professional baseball player Trevor Williams doubled down on his recent tweet against The Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. The non-profit organization in question mixes religious iconography with drag queen performances to raise money for charity. Williams’ tweet was about the disrespectful nature of the group. He expressed his grievance after the Los Angeles Dodgers invited them to perform at Pride Night. Their invitation came after they initially uninvited the group due to widespread backlash from the Catholic community.

Disturbing pictures and images have surfaced that show Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence members desecrating the cross and using biological males to dress as nuns. One of the drag queen “nuns” even had devil horns on his forehead. The tweet in question has reached nearly 20 million views as of the publication of the interview he gave with Colm Flynn. During the interview, Williams made it clear to say that he is not against any protected group. However, he made sure to say that religious people are also a protected group.

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Dodgers invite Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to Pride Night after backlash for disinviting them – ABC7 San Francisco

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