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The Elon Paradox: What Does Your Car About Who You Vote For?

Fortune Magazine wrote an article analyzing the vehicle buying habits of people who were then categorized by their voting patterns. The findings were presented on a graph with a vertical representing voter turnout and a horizontal for left/right political affiliation. Some of the data was predictable.

People who drove RAM vehicles were solidly on the right with middle-of-the-road to above-average voter turnout. This makes sense due to more conservative-leaning people preferring big trucks and SUVs. Owners of vehicles more associated with older people such as Volvo, Lincoln, and Cadillac had high voter turnout and were more conservative.

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Tesla cars were by far the most liberal and they had a high voter turnout. The interesting thing about Tesla is that Elon Musk himself is considered by many to be a person who is more likely to drive a RAM truck due to his political affiliation. This situation creates the narrative for the headline of the Fortune article: “The Elon Paradox.”


The ‘Elon Paradox’: He sells Teslas–but you’d expect him to drive a Ram. Here’s what your car says about your politics | Fortune

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