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Most Young Men Are Single But Most Young Women Are Not

A recent study says that the majority of young men are single but the majority of young women are not. The study counts “young” as people in their 20s. Only 34% of women in this age group self-identified as single while a whopping 63% of the same-aged men identified as single. This is a gigantic gap that will obviously create problems in society. Men without a significant other are typically more isolated and unmotivated to function at a high level in society. This creates issues with the economy and often calls for greater numbers of legal immigration due to a dip in the workforce.

Young women don’t seem to have the same issue as men, and this is most likely because numerous women date from a handful of highly-selectable men. They also date older men. Some say that more and more women identify as LGBT and that they are dating each other. However, the rise in LGBT affiliation is not exclusive to women. A lot of men operate in the same manner. So that explanation cancels out. One big factor is the advent of social media and dating apps. Average women have access to the whole world, including to successful and attractive men. Average men, on the other hand, often struggle with having access to average women, let alone successful and attractive women.

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