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MSNBC Attacks Nicki Minaj Over Met Gala Vaccine Requirement Comments

MSNBC host Joy Reid attacked rap superstar Nicki Minaj over comments she made about the Met Gala. Nicki Minaj has apparently not had her “shots” yet and that is a requirement to attend “The Met” as it is called. Nicki (real name Onika Maraj) says that she won’t attend The Met because she doesn’t want that to be the reason why she gets the shot. Fans replied to her with their vaccination success stories and she replied to one person positively, affirming the vaccine’s efficacy. However, mainstream media does not care about context. They immediately labeled Minaj as an anti-vaxxer.

Joy Ried of MSNBC was chief among those attempting to attack Nicki Minaj over her Met Gala comments. The liberal network host referred to Minaj as “sister” and expressed personal grief that a woman she is a fan of would be irresponsible with her platform. Ried also brought the race card into it since they are both black. This is ironic considering Joy Ried has a large platform that many black people watch and she was irresponsible with the way she characterized Nicki Minaj. A simple search on Twitter would show that Nicki Minaj is not “anti-vax”. She is just pro-choice. Just like many on the left claim to be… depending upon the circumstance.

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