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Gavin Newsom Survives Recall And The Blame Game Begins

California Governor Gavin Newsom has survived the recall election effort to unseat him from his elected position. As of the writing of this article, 63.9% of Californians who participated in the recall election voted “NO” on the question of whether Gavin Newsom should be recalled. Of those who voted “YES”, 46.9% of them voted for conservative political pundit Larry Elder. The next highest vote-getter was Democratic candidate Kevin Paffrath a.k.a. “Meet Kevin” with 9.8% of the vote. Out of the four highest vote recipients to replace Newsom, two are Republican and two are Democratic.

The California recall election effort was not partisan as the mainstream media would like for the American people to think. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents joined forces to force a recall effort. California has serious problems that have only worsened under Gavin Newsom. Crime, drugs, high costs of living spurred on by high taxes, and high regulation costs have forced tens of thousands of Californians to flee to states like Texas and Colorado. The problem of depopulation has actually caused California to lose house seats. Conservative Republicans aren’t the only people fleeing this madness. The remaining citizens of California want and deserve better.

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Viewing a recall effort as partisan may be the reason why it was ultimately unsuccessful. This was not a race between Gavin Newsom and Larry Elder. This was about Gavin Newsom’s fitness for office. Larry Elder was not in the equation when the recall effort started. Elder was just another name tossed in the ring with nearly one hundred other names. He just happened to poll the best toward the end. This is why blame being placed on Larry Elder for the outcome of the election does not make sense.

California has been a liberal stronghold for a very long time. Even if Larry Elder was able to become Governor of California by some miracle, the battle would have just started. Getting anything accomplished as a strong conservative when cooperation with far-leftists is required would be nearly impossible. The problems California faces are going to take much more than a recall effort to solve. An entire generation of children needs to be steered away from the destructive path Democratic leadership currently has them on. Public school brainwashing is a real thing. As long as things like “transgender reveal” are happening in California classrooms, progress for conservatives will be nothing more than a dream.


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