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MSNBC Grills Maxine Waters On Her Prior “Threats” To The Trump Administration

MSNBC host “Velshi” delivered a tough line of questioning to Maxine Waters on her prior “threats” to the Trump administration. Back in 2018, Waters made a public appearance with a bullhorn in front of a sizable crowd. She then proceeded to yell out that everyone should “make a crowd” and “push back on them” referring to any members of Trump’s cabinet and/or administration. The context of the “threat” was supposedly over the issue of “kids in cages.”

Trump’s legal team says they will use the 2018 footage of Maxine Waters, among others, in their defense against Trump’s second impeachment. And this is because the new impeachment case against Trump involves his “incitement of violence” in reference to the Capitol incident on January 6th, 2020. If Trump incited violence, then Maxine Waters also incited violence because the things she said are far more direct and unmistakable as what a person would consider a threat. Waters gave a convoluted answer to this question, essentially saying that what she did is fine and what Trump did isn’t.

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Maxine Waters isn’t the only person who has sent direct and/or indirect “threats” to the Trump administration. Much of the left has been very supportive of Black Lives Matter and to a lesser extent, ANTIFA. Then-Senator and now Vice President, Kamala Harris, retweeted a link to raise bail money for rioters jailed during the George Floyd riots in Minnesota. Cory Booker advocated for people to “get up in the face of some congresspeople”. Steve Scalise was shot and nearly killed by a Bernie Supporter at a baseball field in late 2017. The shooter not only tried to shoot more people that day, but he also had a list.

If there are any threats against Democrats from Republicans, then the list pales in comparison to the threats and outright acts of violence going the other way around. Velshi of MSNBC was one hundred percent correct to call out Maxine Waters for the clear double-standard. She can issue what most honest people see as “threats” to the opposing side with no consequence, while Trump calls for a peaceful demonstration and the Capitol and he gets impeached for inciting violence.


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