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MSNBC Says Minority GOP Candidates Aren’t “True Voices Of Color”

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross stated that minority GOP candidates aren’t actually “true voices of color”. She says that although these people may be minorities, they don’t actually represent the wants and needs of minorities. She made these statements on her “The Cross Connection” show that airs on Sundays. Cross showed statistics and an article to state that although there are more Republican minorities running for Congress, GOP leadership is still exclusively white male. She then immediately referenced “incompetent” minority GOP candidates… which was a direct attack on Herschel Walker.


MSNBC Host Claims Minority Republican Candidates Are Not ‘Voices Of Color’ | The Daily Caller

The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross on Twitter: “”For Tucker and a lot of these Republicans, Kanye and Herschel Walker and Candace Owens…they’re the black face of what they want to put out in the ether and get a little cover.” @MichaelSteele on how the GOP is targeting a more diverse electorate #CrossConnection″ / Twitter

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  1. Agreed. For example, just one, look at the idiot running our nations schools. Pocketed $500,000. during the pandemic school closings, which she spearheaded and spent millions of tax payers dollars on funding anti white racist groups. The most recent worst report card of students basic reading and math levels in 30 years. Black. Coincidence? Not a chance in hell. Its the same across the board in every sector and position of public office. You had your chance and blew it. The time for major change is now.


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