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Pittsburgh-Area Trump Voters Interviewed About J6 On MSNBC

Pittsburgh-area Trump voters were interviewed by MSNBC about the events surrounding the now-infamous “J6” incident. It is not quite clear what the motive of MSNBC was. Maybe the interview was done out of sheer curiosity to see how J6 has affected the hearts and minds of regular, everyday people. Or, maybe there was a more nefarious purpose. This could have been an excuse to further villainize Trump supporters as “Ultra MAGA” or whatever other terms the Biden administration wants to use to divide Americans.

MSNBC did a multi-person panel right after they aired the interview. None of the panelists shared positive views about the people who were being interviewed and even went as far as to essentially label them as liars. But the reality is that most Americans think and feel like those who were interviewed by MSNBC on that day. J6 was completely overblown for political purposes. Meanwhile, ANTIFA and BLM riots were completely downplayed… also for political purposes.

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Trump Voters In Focus Group Say He Couldn’t Have Stopped Jan. 6 Violence – YouTube

Benny Johnson on Twitter: “This is what happens when Mainstream Media hacks talk to anyone outside of their corporate media bubble about J6. This did not go as planned.” / Twitter

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