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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Calls Gabby Petito Case As “Missing White Woman Syndrome”

Joy Reid of MSNBC referred to the Gabby Petito case as “missing white woman syndrome”. The host of “Reidout” says she wishes Petito’s family gets justice and answers but missing black and brown people don’t get the same attention. Racism is heavily implied here and so is irony. Joy Reid has the power to do what she says should be done on behalf of “people of color” but has never done so.

Gabby Petito was a “van life” blogger traveling across the country with her boyfriend. The purpose of the van is to not only travel but to essentially live in the van that has been modified for comfort. Sort of like an RV. These types of bloggers post their journey on YouTube and/or other social media platforms. She wound up missing somewhere in the mountainous part of the western United States – maybe Utah.

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The search for Gabby and all of the drama surrounding it, including her possibly abusive boyfriend, captivated the mainstream media. Since the media covered it heavily, lots of regular people became invested as well. It became sort of a murder mystery-type television show. And unfortunately, Gabby Petito was ultimately found dead at a park in Wyoming. The boyfriend came up missing himself before her body was found although he is most likely the prime suspect in her death.

A story like this is typical of the types of stories mainstream media likes to cover for the purpose of distraction. Yes, it is sad that the young lady died, and may she rest in peace. But this is not the only event like this to happen recently and it won’t be the last. Race may play a part but not in the way that Joy Reid says. This is simply a relatable story for the general public because of how she looks. The average American may know someone who looks like this. This may also be the idealized version of how they think they look or how they want their children/grandchildren to look. That entices a captive audience and voila. No more focus on Afghanistan or the 15,000 Haitians at the Southern Border.

Joy Reid fails to mention other stories where race plays a part that does not involve white women. George Floyd is a prime example of this. If Floyd were not black and was a white woman instead, the story wouldn’t have received much coverage. It would have been completely thrown away if he was a white man. The media’s purpose behind covering this story was to advance leftist agendas in liberal areas such as defunding police and Black Lives Matter fundraising. BLM conveniently went dormant for four years and then revitalized themselves during the 2020 election cycle. Seems like these stories pop up at the perfect time to achieve the perfect goal. How convenient.

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Calls Gabby Petito Case ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome’

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