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Black Lives Matter NYC Protests Carmine’s Restaurant Over Vaccine Passport

Black Lives Matter NYC staged a protest against the famous Carmine’s restaurant for their handling of black patrons over the vaccine passport. The story goes that a party of nine people went to Carmine’s for a bite to eat. Six of the people, probably all black, got inside with no problem after showing their vaccine passports or cards. Three others, all black women in their mid to late 40’s, were denied entry due to an issue with their cards. One of the women who was essentially kicked out got into a fight with the host at the front door. The video has gone viral on the internet and it caused an extremely loud BLM protest of Carmines.

This was not a violent BLM protest. It was loud and confrontational, but it doesn’t look like any fights broke out and nobody got hurt. It was more about BLM members expressing their grievances with what happened in front of cameras. One of the Black Lives Matter speakers was a young lady who broke down some statistics about black vaccination rates in New York City. She cited a factual article from the New York Times which says around 75% of black New Yorkers between the ages of 18 and 44 do not have the vaccine. The woman went on to say that enforcing things like the vaccine passport is reminiscent of the “Gestapo”.

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BLM NYC leader Hawk Newsome was there and he spoke his piece through a megaphone directly in the face of the host at Carmine’s. His methods were very aggressive but he did not cross a line and hurt anyone. Newsome doubled down on what the previous young lady said about the vaccine passport. He said that the women in question did provide proof of vaccination but they were told that it was fake. It is unclear how the restaurant hosts knew the card and/or vaccine passport was fake but that is the allegation.

All of this is unfortunately predictable. The mainstream media paints an image of “the unvaccinated” as being uneducated white Trump supporters who worship the former President like Jesus Christ. In reality, the issue of vaccines is not political. People on both sides of the aisle have their concerns. Some people on both sides don’t have concerns. Then there are people who attack either side for having their viewpoint. This is not about left vs right or red vs blue. It is about making personal healthcare decisions without being coerced. It is about not being driven away from society because of a personal decision to protect one’s own health. And as long as these “vaccine mandates” persist, the more unfortunate issues like the Carmine’s fight will happen.


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