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NASCAR Driver Brandon Brown Gets “Let’s Go Brandon” Crypto Sponsor

NASCAR driver Brandon Brown may be sponsored by a cryptocurrency named after the now-infamous “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that has swept the nation. Brown appeared apprehensive to jump into politics but he has now leaned into the idea. This is probably because he was having a hard time finding other sponsors due to the political nature of the “LGB” chant. He may have simply weighed his options and then decided to go with what made the most sense. Which was to embrace the chant rather than try (and fail) to distance himself from it.

The “Let’s Go Brandon” chant and its ensuing offshoot products such as the LGB Coin started from a simple “mistake” just a few weeks ago. Brandon Brown gave an interview to a reporter after winning a race. The race happened during the height of “F Joe Biden” chants that were echoing throughout the United States. Nearly every sporting event with fans was affected. This event was no different. During the interview, the remaining crowd broke out into an “F Joe Biden” chant. The reporter heard chanting… but maybe she couldn’t quite figure out what was being said. Or maybe she did. Either way, she repeated what the crowd was saying as “Let’s Go Brandon” because Brandon Brown had just won. And the rest was history.

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People rarely say “F Joe Biden” anymore but plenty of people say “Let’s Go Brandon”. It has even reached legitimate politics. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has referred to the Biden administration as the “Brandon Administration” on several occasions. Unfortunately (and fortunately?) Brandon Brown is a real person. The chants actually affect his life. And as mentioned earlier, Brown has had a hard time finding sponsors. The LGBCoin cryptocurrency produced a video with Brown and the wrapped car with their logo. Maybe this will spark a wave of other politically conservative sponsors to pony up some money and attach themselves to popular people in the movement.


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