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Nashville Teacher Pepper Sprayed By Student Seeks To Press Charges

A high school teacher in Antioch, Tennessee (Nashville) was pepper sprayed by a student during a recent class. The student was using their phone in class and the teacher told her to put it away. She refused, so the teacher took it from her. The student left the class, came back, burst open the door, then pepper sprayed the teacher. A video of the incident has gone viral online. The teacher spoke out to local news in Nashville to say that he refuses to return to the school. He also stated that the pepper spraying incident was not his first time being assaulted. At least one student spit on him and another cut his hair.

There are obvious racial dynamics at play here. The student is a black female and the teacher is a white male. Credit must be given to the teacher for speaking out and revealing his face. He could easily be accused of some sort of racism by woke soldiers that exist in mainstream media and online. As the local news interview continued, the teacher says that more money should be awarded to these failing schools to rectify some of the persistent issues. This is the typical way that leftist people think. It will not work.

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Antioch High School teacher wants to press charges after pepper spray incident

Teacher pepper sprayed at Antioch High School had been attacked before | WZTV

Antioch, TN teacher pepper-sprayed during class

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