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NC Lt. Governor Mark Robinson Delivers Impassioned Speech In Church About Destructive Culture

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson dropped the mic on a very controversial social issue a few months back. The comments came while Robinson was speaking to a predominantly black church. And his speech apparently came during service as sort of a sermon. The viral clip focused on the moment when Robinson was speaking about the LGBTQ+ agenda. Needless to say, the staunch conservative Mark Robinson does not like the current political climate around the aforementioned lifestyle and the movement around it. He expressed himself in a very clear, concise, and to some… an “offensive” manner.

Mark Robinson simply stated what many conservative-leaning people have been thinking and/or saying out loud for years now. The LGBTQ+ movement has gone too far. It’s one thing for an individual to identify as a particular thing and keep that to themselves. They may even display it publicly. The problem facing Western society now is people infringing upon the rights of others and disrupting the social order due to their orientation and/or identification. A prime example is XY biological men like Lia Thomas identifying as transgender women then competing against XX biological women in college sports.

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  1. People who are “trans” whatever, must have a psychological evaluation BEFORE having surgery, or living as the opposite sex. So it is a fact of a psychological abnormality. Sorry ass parents who would do or allow this to their children, should be taken out back, and have the issue resolved, and their kids taken away, and given to parents who cannot have children. About the other letters in LGBTQ, those are personal beliefs that are for the home, not public. I refuse to let this group and their dysfunctional lifestyle, impede on my freedom to live a life as I choose. These freaks can do what they choose. Keep it to yourself and away from kids, its bad enough the we kill babies in the womb, allegedly because of women’s rights, when in actuality, it is birth control, and thats ok.(sic), lets add up those numbers of children killed since Roe V Wade– The sleeping patriot tigers are backed into a corner, and are to the limit with the direction the country is going. Go ahead, you lgbtqxyz, keep on trying to force those beliefs to normal people, who have a spine. You will reap the whirlwind.

  2. Thank-You Sir for your honesty and bravery. I as a Christian stand with you! Christians need to unite instead of fighting amongst each other.

  3. 100% agree with this guy, too bad he is also an anti-white racist POS buffalo Soldier hypocrite opportunistically profiting from the propagation of historically selective inaccuracies. If we’re to survive another 100 years, 21st century America needs to rid itself of both disgusting gay deviants and black profiteering violent racists. Lock em up, sterilize, segregate and throw away the keys so the rest of us can enjoy life. Otherwise, clearly we’re doomed.

  4. As a gay American I’m disgusted on where the LGBT qrx y&z people has gone in our country. It makes it bad for gay people out here that’s been committed relationships for over 30 years and have conservative values and disavow the antics of the LGBT community as of late. To help a child go through sexual transition and telling them to keep it from their parents is disgusting wrong and illegal. But this is where the LGBT community has gone. Children are being sexualized at such young ages that is child abuse let kids have a childhood please. I tell you all out there, not all gay people believe in this crap. We don’t think men should be on women’s swim teams we don’t believe a man can have babies there are some sane gay people out here. What the LGBT community is doing is making it bad for other Trump loving gay people out here that’s been in committed relationships for over 30 years and have the same views as myself.

  5. @cash LOL.. um yeah, we already tried that lil experiment and look where it got us. we are now the most violent uneducated unhealthy deviant anti-white-straight-male racist delusional worst quality of life laughing stock country of the world thanks to gays and native people exterminating buffalo soldier hypocrites. you had your chance and blew it. Never. Ever. Gonna. Happen. Again.


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