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NC Lt. Governor Mark Robinson Delivers Impassioned Speech In Church About Destructive Culture

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson dropped the mic on a very controversial social issue a few months back. The comments came while Robinson was speaking to a predominantly black church. And his speech apparently came during service as sort of a sermon. The viral clip focused on the moment when Robinson was speaking about the LGBTQ+ agenda. Needless to say, the staunch conservative Mark Robinson does not like the current political climate around the aforementioned lifestyle and the movement around it. He expressed himself in a very clear, concise, and to some… an “offensive” manner.

Mark Robinson simply stated what many conservative-leaning people have been thinking and/or saying out loud for years now. The LGBTQ+ movement has gone too far. It’s one thing for an individual to identify as a particular thing and keep that to themselves. They may even display it publicly. The problem facing Western society now is people infringing upon the rights of others and disrupting the social order due to their orientation and/or identification. A prime example is XY biological men like Lia Thomas identifying as transgender women then competing against XX biological women in college sports.

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