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Maxine Waters Tells Homeless People To Go Home After Section 8 Housing Voucher Fiasco

US House Rep Maxine Waters confronted a group of homeless constituents in South Los Angeles during a very confusing situation. Waters was attending an event put on by the nonprofit advocacy group “Fathers and Mothers Who Care”. The purpose of the event was to help homeless people obtain emergency shelter. Social media rumors apparently led hundreds of homeless people to this particular event in search of Section 8 housing vouchers. These vouchers allow people to have the majority of their rent paid by the Government. This would essentially be a “golden” ticket to homeless people. The problem is that the rumors were simply untrue and there were no vouchers to hand out. So, of course, chaos ensued and Maxine Watters attempted to douse the flames.

It is easy to forget that Maxine Waters does actually represent people in Los Angeles. For years she has been a loud-mouthed opponent of Republicans in Washington. That has been her primary gig. However, contrary to popular belief, being a Donald Trump critic is not actually Maxine Waters’s job. Her job is to represent a district in Los Angeles that has been drug-infested and crime-ridden for years. She continuously gets re-elected without much resistance. She isn’t really expected to do much and there are even questions about her being corrupt. So when she makes the statement that “nobody works as hard for her people in Washington than her” that may be just a tad bit of an overstatement.

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