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Neil Young’s Ultimatum To Spotify Over Joe Rogan Backfires

Recording artist Neil Young gave an ultimatum to the audio streaming platform Spotify in regards to the Joe Rogan podcast. The “Rockin’ In The Free World” musician apparently does not like Joe Rogan’s presence on Spotify due to “spreading misinformation” about the virus. Since Spotify hosts music as well as podcasts and other audio, Neil Young thought his music catalog’s presence on the platform held some leverage. So he decided to deliver the ultimatum to Spotify – it’s either Joe Rogan or Neil Young. This was a clearly overplayed hand on the part of Neil Young because Spotify almost instantly dropped Young’s music and kept Joe Rogan.


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  1. The hypocrisy of people like Neil Young, who made names for themselves from being “anti-establishment” and “stick it to the man” makes me laugh and shake my head. I’m a boomer, but from the tail end of the generation, so I know who he WAS. I don’t know who he is NOW.

  2. Spotify is evil and anyone who uses the platform nothing more than a dumb tool. They’ve ruined literally tens of millions of people lives. They’re literally non-creative/failed musician internet digital pirates (see: Napster, uTorrent etc., the exact same Spotify founding team members) that stole intellectual property and extorted their way into the music industry to turn a buck and become multi-billionaires in the process, all off the backs of independent creative professional artists that are now bankrupt and flipping burgers to survive instead of making art for their fans to enjoy now and forever (who loses out most on that one huh?).

    On top of that theyre using the platform to data mine and sell personal info to advertising (hence the annual billions of dollars in revenue NOT being shared with non-major label indie artists). And all of this was approved and endorsed by none other than Obama (on the White House website no less!).. the founding owners are nothing more than foreign raiding criminals and should be jailed for life on crimes against humanity. Disgusting.

    To any and all who support Spotify, congrats! please do enjoy your India cubicle worker bee AI created garbage “content”.. you truly deserve it now and forever.


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