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Ukraine President Slams Biden Over Alarmist Phone Call

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, appeared at a press conference to address the recent issue of Russian aggression against his country. He stated that reports from the media are totally overblown. They paint a picture of Russian tanks preparing to overtake the capital city of Kyiv. Ukraine has been dealing with the issue of Russian aggression for a long time now. It is not necessarily any different now than it has been for the past eight years. Zelensky also has an issue with the way that the Biden administration (and Biden himself) are handling this.

There was a phone call between Zelensky and Biden over the issue of Russian aggression upon Ukraine. Official transcripts have not been released but reliable sources, including mainstream media like CNN, have reported on what was said. The call “did not go well” due to the lack of information and confrontation from the US side. In a nutshell, Biden allegedly stated that an attack from Russia was imminent. Zelensky disagreed and even asked him to calm down the fearmongering rhetoric due to the damage it does to his country’s economy and citizen well-being.

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Ukraine, Russia, and other countries had peace talks in Paris recently. The Biden administration was allegedly not even aware of this. Much of the noise coming from American mass media and the political establishment appears to be outdated and politically driven. The end-game of this political game is uncertain. Maybe the objective is to bring up an issue that already exists to further paint Russia as a “boogeyman” to distract from Democratic Party failures. This has been protocol for a while now. Sure, there could be other reasons. But what legitimate reason is there to paint a situation in a way that is simply false?


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