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New York Governor Blames NYC Mayor For Migrant Crisis In Crazy Letter

New York Governor Kathy Hochul blamed NYC Mayor Eric Adams for the city’s migrant crisis in a scathing letter. The letter was penned and submitted by the Governor’s lawyer’s office. Eric Adams was held accountable for myriad “offenses”, including a refusal to take state money that was offered to help with the crisis. Eric Adams responded by saying that the Governor’s criticism is welcome if it actually helps the situation.

NYC has taken in over 100,000 migrants since the recent “crisis” started under the Biden administration. Regardless of the letter, Eric Adams is requesting further assistance from both New York State Government and the Federal Government. Some numbers are floating around in the tens of billions to assist the migrants in relocation and general maintenance such as food and clothing.

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The obvious source of the problem, however, is not truly being addressed. And that is obviously the issue of the Southern Border between the US and Mexico being wide open. This is a policy that liberal politicians such as Kathy Hochul and Eric Adams have supported.


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