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CNN Says Trump Is Far And Away The GOP Leader, May Beat Biden In 2024

CNN produced a segment admitting that Donald Trump is the clear GOP frontrunner and may defeat Joe Biden in 2024 in the Presidential Election. They displayed polls that showed Trump far and beyond the current GOP runner-up, Ron DeSantis. CNN then showed polls between Trump and Biden for 2024 and the matchup was very close with razor-thin margins.

The very liberal network says that Trump is polling better now than he did at any point in 2020. This is most likely due to Joe Biden’s poor performance as President as well as the current indictments against the former President. Trump has also maintained a fiercely loyal base that has been by his side since his 2016 election victory.

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Experts predicted that the criminal cases against Trump would hurt him in the polls but quite the opposite has happened. The American people realize that much of the current court action against Trump is unjust and overblown, especially since people like Hillary Clinton have been accused of similar things but faced no charges.


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