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New York To Give Illegal Aliens $15,600 Each For Virus Relief

New York State has announced a $2 billion dollar fund that will give upwards of 300,000 illegal aliens cash payments for virus relief. Up to 92,000 illegal aliens living in New York may be eligible for a one-time payment of $15,600 dollars. As of the publishing of this article, there were no income restrictions placed on the payments like there were with stimulus money from the Federal Government.

The catch is that illegal aliens who apply for the eye-popping amount of virus relief money must be able to prove that they live in New York, were there during the pandemic, and lost wages that they were not at all able to make up through unemployment insurance and/or federal stimulus checks. One of the less obvious reasons why this is ridiculous is because it is hypocritical. Some of the same people in Government who rail against voter ID when it comes to minorities have no problem requiring ID to prove illegal aliens are … illegal? There are so many absurd things to prove in that statement that it will make nearly anyone dizzy.

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Other illegal aliens who cannot prove that they lost money during the pandemic in New York due to lack of work to get the $15,600 payment may still be eligible for a one-time payment of $3,200. This cash payment is the total of all stimulus checks given out by the federal government.

The payments are a clear slap in the face to tax-paying New Yorkers who were denied the ability to work and/or run their businesses by the state. Many New Yorkers never received stimulus checks or unemployment money but were still obliged to pay taxes to the Federal and State Governments. If anyone is to be made “whole” in this situation, it is New Yorkers who were deprived of the ability to make a living by the state, not illegal aliens who have no legal standing in the United States.


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