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Don Lemon Calls Tucker Carlson Racist Over “Replacement Theory”

Don Lemon of CNN alluded to Tucker Carlson of Fox News being racist over his comments about illegal aliens and “replacement theory.” Tucker spoke about an opinion that exists of Democratic politicians refusing to secure the Southern Border to flood the country with illegal aliens who will replace the “current electorate” in the United States. Tucker did not say illegal aliens could replace “white” people, and as a matter of fact, he specifically said his comments were not about “white replacement.” Don Lemon’s show played the part where Tucker made it clear what he was saying, but Lemon still said Tucker was speaking about “immigrants” replacing white Americans.

The truth is that this is not about “immigrants”, it is about illegal aliens. If there is no border security and illegal aliens are allowed to pour in, what will stop them from supplanting current US citizens? It is not a race-specific thing either, and if it was, then white Americans would not necessarily be the first ones replaced. Illegal aliens often flock to inner cities where they have access to a larger amount of resources such as Government benefits. Many of these cities are run by liberal Democrats who have turned their cities into “sanctuary cities”. This means that it is more difficult to carry out deportations of illegal aliens.

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Black Americans tend to live in the very places that are also very desirable to illegal aliens for the aforementioned reasons. Blacks and illegal aliens, often from central America, will compete for the same low-skilled jobs. While black Americans have embraced low-productivity and high pay for jobs thanks to liberal Democrat ideology, central Americans have embraced the opposite, making them more attractive to potential employers. Therefore, black Americans will be replaced first.

White Americans will begin to lose majority status, which has already happened in places like California. English will become secondary. In many parts of Southern California, if a person cannot speak Spanish, then they can forget about working a large variety of jobs, especially low-skilled. This affects all races, especially whites who (were) the majority. Voting will become a problem if illegal aliens gain large numbers because they will vote mostly for the Democratic party. So in established communities where one way of life was the norm, a new way of life will invade then takeover and/or conflict with the existing population of people. It will be a mess.

Tucker Carlson’s talk did not focus on “white replacement” or some sort of “white supremacist” complaint. His talk focused on the future of America. If it goes down the road of allowing illegal aliens and drugs pour across the border, then things may turn bleak, very quickly.

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  1. ABL, do you ever take a day off?! Man! I think you were alluding to a problem that is becoming more evident every day, and that is a force for chaos, division, and destruction in this country. I don’t think it is accurate to say it’s the Democrat party. My rep from TX is a Democrat, and he’s not totally BSC, especially concerning the southern border. I think there’s a faction within the Democrat party that is full-on Marxist in their agenda, and what we refer to as the MSM is completely in cahoots with them. I see positive signs resulting from this situation though. For example, I see more and more conservative bloggers popping up every day on the new alternative medias, like Rumble, Parler, and exclusive web sites like yours. The SJWs are creating an entire new industry (anti-cancel culture) as a result of their cancel culture war. Stay strong and keep putting out this great content. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for your content. I never miss an episode.

    I agree with Tucker, but I think his message was a little messy. The distinction that needed to be made is that we should never afford anyone an opportunity to vote or otherwise reap the benefits of citizenship if they are here illegally. To your point, anyone who comes here LEGALLY and who goes through the process of becoming a citizen should not be scrutinized for how they cast a vote. I also think he gives Dems to much credit. I think the vast majority of Hispanics share our conservative values and are not likely to vote Democrat.

    All I am saying is that there is a distinction that should have been highlighted better in his editorial.

  3. Adding to an already loyal electorate is occurring and has been for a long time. As more and more minorities and whites make it to the middle class, democrats lose voters so they need to refill their voters with 3 rd world dependable and obedient voters . But first , they must use the shield of racism and then division by race as a hammer to push back as the scheme is obvious. The us takes in 1 m legal immigrants annually and makes them new Americans. Any other country importing more? Legally? Great segment ABL.


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