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Nine-Year-Old Kansas City Chiefs Fan Accused Of Racism Speaks Out

The nine-year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan accused of racism over his headdress and facepaint has spoken out through the media. Holden Armenta and his father, Bubba, appeared on Fox News for an interview with Jesse Watters. There were quite a few things they needed to clear up during the television segment due to a ton of false messaging put out into the atmosphere by irresponsible “journalists.”

Holden Armenta initially went viral for wearing a native headdress and facepaint at the Chiefs-Raiders game in Las Vegas on Sunday. Carron J. Phillips of Deadspin wrote an article accusing the boy of cultural appropriation and racism due to wearing the headdress. There is also the false allegation of wearing blackface. The “black face” was a profile shot showing one side of his face, intentionally hiding the other side of his face which was red. The headdress was costume wear worn without disrespect, according to Bubba Armenta.

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Another important detail to mention is that the Armenta family is Native American. To be exact, they are Chumash Indians. Holden’s grandfather is on the board of the Chumash Indian Tribe in Santa Ynez, California. Holden is also a football player for his local youth team, playing wide receiver and free safety. Bubba says there has been a lot of support, but also a lot of negativity. When Jesse Watters asked Bubba if he would be interested in an apology from Deadspin, he said that it was too late because the damage had been done.


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