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Elon Musk Explodes On Advertisers Participating In Boycott Of Twitter (X)

Elon Musk made a clear and direct statement toward advertisers boycotting his Twitter (X) platform. Several big-name companies, including Disney, have paused purchasing ads on X due to allegations of anti-semitism from Musk and also a Media Matters report that alleges extremist content appeared next to ads. Musk made the now-viral statement at the DealBook summit, presented by The New York Times and hosted by Andrew Ross Sorkin of CNBC.

Sorkin asked Musk about the advertiser boycott and how it would affect Twitter’s revenue. This same question could be asked to any social media company facing such an action due to ad revenue being the foundation of all free online platforms’ business models. Musk says that he hopes that they don’t purchase ads and that they “can go f*** themselves.” He repeated himself a couple of times just so the nearly-silent audience and ARS could hear him clearly. Musk said that the current movement against Twitter could boycott the company. Toward the end of a brief back-and-forth about the ad boycott, Musk alluded to possible court action.

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