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NY Mayor Eric Adams Under Fire For “Low-Skilled Workers” Remark

New York Mayor Eric Adams is already in trouble for a recent comment he made about “low-skilled” workers during a press conference. The newly-elected Mayor who has replaced Bill DeBlasio was speaking about businesses that have ended foot traffic and are now remote-only. This concept hurts the people who do not work in the office but work in ancillary businesses. A prime example would be the shoe shiners who rely on the foot traffic of employees walking to and from their jobs on a daily basis. Without office workers physically going to their offices, service industry jobs suffer.

Members of the mainstream media have, of course, taken Eric Adams’s remarks out of context. Some have classified him as some sort of classist, looking down upon those who don’t work in corporate spaces. Adams visited Good Morning America and told Gayle King that he worked as a dishwasher while working himself through college. His clarification has already been stated in this article. Adams was simply speaking about the lack of foot traffic in businesses that will simply go under without it. He also said that the media will attempt to distort whatever he says. This is a fact.

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Eric Adams may have good policy ideas when it comes to returning employees to in-person work, but his other policies may cancel that idea out. Adams is apparently pro-vaccine mandate. He has also flirted with mandating booster shots for city employees. If Mayor Adams wants to see office buildings filled with people again and for those people to patronize businesses, supporting the vax mandate will make that plan difficult to come to fruition.


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