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Conservatives Ditch Twitter For China-Funded “Gettr” After Joe Rogan Joins

Hordes of conservatives have pledged to ditch Twitter for a similar platform called “Gettr” due to Twitter’s constant censorship. Massively popular podcast host Joe Rogan appears to be leading the charge after he promoted his Gettr account. Fellow podcast host Tim Pool appears to have a large presence on the alternative social media platform as well. Mainstream media sources have already begun to label Gettr as a “right-wing echo chamber” similar to Gab and Parler.

The rush to “Gettr” started when Twitter and YouTube removed two of Joe Rogan’s podcast episodes. The episodes in question featured Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough. Robert Malone was instrumental in developing the mRNA technology found in modern medicine, specifically the recent virus vaccines. The social media mega-platforms cited “misinformation” for this particular episode of censorship. Left-wing websites such as “The Atlantic” panned Malone as an eccentric man who shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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It was much easier to cite “misinformation” in relation to the virus when referring to regular people who speak online about the virus. This same excuse does not make any sense when referring to bonafide experts. Joe Rogan is an excellent podcast host but he is also painted as a “tinfoil hat-wearer” by much of the mainstream media. So although he interviews clear experts with decades of serious experience, the interviews are dismissed because Joe Rogan is involved. And to be totally frank, Joe Rogan’s involvement is not truly relevant. Frontline Doctors were shut down just the same as Robert Malone and Peter McCullough with a former “Fear Factor” host disseminating their information.

Censorship on the level it has reached in the past few years has become overwhelming for some. Especially in the social media space. There have been several platforms promoted to conservatives, many times by conservatives, to help alleviate this issue. Gab and Parler both attempted to fill this gap. Gab has had some success but due to the nature of the Big Tech beast, Gab is not able to have an app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Parler was plagued with tech issues, including being taken off by AWS (Amazon’s cloud-based server that powers much of the internet). So, here comes Getter. They have an app, they promote free speech, and Joe Rogan essentially endorses it. What could be wrong with this?

The issue with Gettr is that it was largely funded by a Chinese money man named William Je. He is a prominent member of the Chinese Communist Party. Gettr was not directly funded by Je, however. A man by the name of Miles Guo Wengui allegedly used William Je as a money man while Wengui (aka Miles Kwok) behaved as the frontman. Any business that operates in China and/or gets money from China must answer to the CCP at a certain point. This was the exact issue with Huawei hardware, specifically phones and industrial internet equipment. Huawei was eventually banned for security reasons. Gettr should be looked at in the same fashion as Huawei and also TikTok which is a Chinese product that is ironically banned in Mainland China.

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