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NYC Citizen Arrested On The Subway After Shooting At Would-Be Mugger

A man by the name of John Rote was arrested at a New York City subway station after trying to intervene in a dispute. Rote says he witnessed a homeless man attempting to violently mug a woman on the platform. Apparently, the homeless man was operating a scheme in which he would open the emergency door from inside the subway, allowing potential passengers to bypass the paid entrance. Basically allowing them to “jump the fare.” The woman may have taken this as an act of kindness, but the homeless man quickly demanded that she give her a dollar. After she refused, the man threatened to steal her purse and a struggle ensued.

Rote witnessed the shakedown taking place and decided to jump into action. He pulled out his revolver and fired two warning shots inside the subway station. As a result, Rote was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and menacing. The homeless man was also arrested over the attempted robbery. However, Rote’s arrest is not an isolated incident. It is a symptom of a greater problem. Vigilantism does not exist in a world where law enforcement and the criminal justice system work together effectively.

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