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NYC Crack Pipe Vending Machine Cleaned Out In Less Than 24 Hours

New York City has revealed a drug-themed vending machine featuring crack pipes, heroin needles, and the opiate-recovery drug Narcan. There are, of course, quite a few other items in the machine and everything comes packaged in nice little “kits.” Some of the kits are emblazoned with NYC Health and Hygiene branding. Everything in the machine is free. People just need to enter their zip code along with the number of the item that they want. These machines are placed in highly public areas to reach out to drug addicts where they are.

Within 24 hours of these machines becoming available for use, all of the crack pipes found within were cleaned out. Photos and videos of the machines show that nearly everything else was also cleaned out. Addicts say that the items aren’t necessarily stolen to sell because they don’t really have value due to being distributed by NYC Health. The items were most likely taken so quickly because of the sheer number of drug addicts in the city. Enabling behavior, such as giving out free drug paraphernalia, will not make the issue of drug dependency and overdose deaths any better.

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