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Mexican And Chinese Cartels Engage In Human Trafficking And Drug Distribution In The United States

Chinese criminal organizations and Mexican drug cartels have teamed up in the United States to engage in human trafficking and drug running. An extensive human trafficking and marijuana grow operation was recently uncovered in Riverside County, California. Local police raided a normal-looking suburban home and found trafficked people working the grow. Police also found documents that linked that home to other operations in the area. To zoom out a bit, the home in Riverside County is part of a much larger conspiracy that involves criminal gangs in China as well as the Mexican cartels who operate right here in the United States of America.

There are restrictions in China that limit the amount of money that they can physically take out of the country. Criminal organizations have linked up with Mexican Drug cartels in a way that places United States Citizens in the middle. To make a long story short, Chinese gangs send precursors to meth and fentanyl to Mexican drug cartels. This is not a direct transaction and it involves several other third parties, including manufacturers of products and regular Chinese people living in America who accept loans from Chinese criminal organizations. Ultimately, it is the US citizen who suffers due to the fentanyl and meth that floods the country as a result of this money laundering process.

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DEA: Chinese organized crime laundering money for Mexican drug cartels – YouTube

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