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NYC Subway Shooting Suspect Frank James Arrested By NYPD

A black male by the name of Frank James who is suspected of shooting up an NYC subway train has been arrested by the NYPD. James allegedly opened fire on a crowded subway train during rush hour on Tuesday morning in Brooklyn. At least ten people were directly hit by gunfire and over 20 people were injured. The suspect fired his gun, a Glock 9mm handgun, an alleged 33 times in total. James is described as five-foot-five, dark-skinned, weighing in at 180 pounds. He is also 62 years old. It took the NYPD some 29 hours to find him and it is not quite clear how he escaped the packed subway system or evaded detection for this long.

Frank James allegedly shot up the train car with the aforementioned Glock handgun that he purchased in Ohio. He also purchased fireworks, which explains the smoke that was also present in the car. Nobody has died of their injuries as of the writing of this article, but that may possibly change as some of the people were described as being in “critical” condition. James was eventually captured while casually walking around in lower Manhattan. Initial reports say that a random person on the street spotted him and pointed him out to the police. More recent reports say that Frank James called the authorities on himself, possibly to turn himself in and stop the 29-hour run.

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A clear motive for this case is not necessarily known, but there is a lot of information about Frank James that is known and may point to a possible motive. He had a ton of videos on YouTube under the pseudonym “Prophet of Truth 88” and also “Profit of Doom 8888”. His channel has now, of course, been deleted by YouTube due to the crimes he has been arrested for. A lot of footage from his channel still exists, however. Much of what he says sounds like the rants of a drunken man. But there is also a clear theme to all of Frank James’ content. It appears he is a Black Identity Extremist akin to Micah Xavier Johnson and others. Very pro-black but also very anti-white. If the victims on the train were all white or majority white, it was probably not a mistake.

Frank James was on the FBI’s radar as recently as 2019. Back in 2019, he was removed from an FBI watch list. It is not quite clear why he was removed from the list or why he was even on it, to begin with. It is probably safe to say that the violent rhetoric espoused on his YouTube page had something to do with it. Or maybe it was his long rap sheet from 1992-1998 back in New York City with a myriad of crimes. In any event, Frank James will face Federal charges for the Brooklyn subway shooting. He is currently in Federal custody and probably will not be released from custody for the rest of his natural life.


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