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Obama Delivers Tone Deaf Speech In Virginia

Former President Barack Obama delivered a tone-deaf speech in Virginia while stumping for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. November 2nd, 2021 is election day in Virginia, and on that day (or shortly thereafter), a new Governor will be selected. The current Governor, Ralph Northam, still hasn’t quite gotten beyond the whole blackface scandal. So trotting Northam out to stump for McAuliffe might not be the best thing to do. However, Democrats are not going to take this election for granted. So they rolled out the big guns including Barack Obama to get McAuliffe over the hump.

Bringing Barack Obama to Richmond Virginia to try and “help” McAuliffe May have backfired. Critical Race Theory is a very serious problem throughout the country. Republicans and even some moderate Democrats have been ringing the alarm about CRT for months and years now. Democrats like Obama tend to dismiss parents’ concerns about CRT as “right-wing talking points”. They even try to say that CRT doesn’t even get taught in school. The problem with attempting to stay with that same party line in Virginia is that the epicenter of the fight against CRT is in Virginia. To be more exact, Northern Virginia in particular has been a CRT battleground for a long time now, especially in recent months. Northern Virginia also happens to be essentially where politics in Virginia are decided.

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Critical Race Theory is now used as a catchall term that includes ridiculous policies like allowing transgender boys into spaces with biological girls. A 12-year-old girl in Loudon County, Virginia was sexually assaulted in a school bathroom by a boy claiming that he is transgender. The girl’s father was harassed at a school board meeting by another attendee while trying to speak his piece. He was even arrested and hauled off to jail. Stories like this are unfortunately common. Not necessarily the sexual assault, but with concerned parents being targeted for silencing.

The Loudon County incident was even cited in a letter to the Federal Government from the National School Boards Association as a reason to sic the DOJ and FBI against “threatening” parents. Other states retaliated against the NSBA, forcing a public apology and several congressional hearings.

Parents across the country are tuned into Northern Virginia to see which direction it goes. Nobody wants to send their child to school if they think administrations sacrifice safety in the name of social justice. It also goes back to the general idea that children should not be able to randomly decide their gender. Parents shouldn’t be able to do this either. Biology decides. XX or XY chromosomes. Normal people who aren’t into social justice, let alone even know what it is, think this way. Barack Obama simply underlined why these parents will not be voting for Terry McAuliffe. He did not convince them that their concerns have been addressed properly. All he did was toss their concerns out the window as if they were a bag full of old fast food.

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