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Illegal Aliens To Get $450K Each In Reparations

The Biden Administration is reportedly in talks to give $450,000 in reparations to each illegal alien negatively affected by Donald Trump’s zero-tolerance border policy. If a mother and her son were caught at the border then separated for any period of time, they would be eligible. To be clear, the administration wants to give $450,000 to each person affected. So if the mother and son in the aforementioned example both had some sort of lingering mental problem from the separation, the total amount given to them would be $900,000. A family of four would receive $1.8 million. The target group of people was affected by the policy in 2018.

There are currently several lawsuits against the Federal Government from lawyers of illegal border crossers. One such lawsuit was settled back in 2019 for $125,000. In that case, a group of Honduran border crossers claimed that they had been mistreated by the Government. The $450,000 number may come as a shock, but lawyers are asking for as much as $3.4 million per family unit. Legally, people crossing the border illegally should not be entitled to any cash payout of any sort. Especially if no evidence of a crime committed against them is available. A family simply being separated upon detainment is not enough evidence to suggest wrongdoing. American citizens go to jail and/or prison every day. They are not permitted to do bring their families along for the sentence. So why would illegal aliens be afforded that luxury?

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Reparations for illegal aliens after only three years is a direct slap in the face to many black Americans. As a matter of fact, slavery reparations have been an ongoing debate for years. Over a hundred years. Politicians often make empty promises to people desiring reparations. The number one deflection tactic politicians give when pressed on the issue of slavery reparations is “we will do a study”. Slavery has been over since 1865. That’s nearly 160 years now. What else is there to “study” about slavery? Everything is out in the open now. Climate data has been officially recorded since right around the time slavery ended. Every other day there seems to be a new law, ordinance, regulation, tax, political action group, or something else dedicated to climate. Billions of dollars have been allocated and spent for climate. Slavery reparations, however, continue to be this mysterious thing that nobody quite knows how to tackle.

There will be no slavery reparations for black Americans. If it was going to happen then it would not take 160 years and endless “studies”. When the Government wants to do something, they simply do it and don’t waste a lot of time pondering over the issue. If reparations for illegal aliens is something that Congress can get behind, or if it can be done without Congress (unlikely) then it will happen. Meanwhile, that $500 billion Trump wanted to steer toward the black community will go up in smoke. Actually… the $500 billion will be spent on pet projects for rich bureaucrats and the next class of American citizens who are currently here illegally.


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