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OnlyFans Mom Drama At Private School Causes Expulsion Of Eight Students

A mother with her OnlyFans account stamped on her vehicle’s back window has turned her children’s private Christian school upside down. The woman caused quite a commotion by going to pick her children up from the Florida Christian Academy with her OnlyFans account very prominent on multiple parts of her car. This has apparently been going on for the better part of two years. One of the mothers eventually decided to talk about it on social media, where it has gone viral.

As a result of this controversy, the OnlyFans mother’s two children have been expelled from the school. The woman who spoke about it on social media has six children that attend the school. They were all expelled as well. The school contacted the mother whose children were suspended because of her complaints. Essentially, they said they would reinstate her if she did not speak about the situation on social media and removed all references to them from her posts.

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