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RFK Jr Issues An Apology For This Super Bowl Commercial

Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. has issued an apology for his Super Bowl 58 commercial to some of his family members who have spoken out against him. RFK Jr. is currently running on an independent platform for President of the United States. And, of course, RFK Jr. is John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s nephew since RFK Sr. was JFK’s brother. The Kennedy name obviously holds a lot of weight.

A Super Pac representing the interests of RFK Jr. created a commercial that is a carbon copy of JFK’s 1961 campaign ad. The same graphics and music were used. Where pictures of JFK were, RFK Jr.’s picture was superimposed. Other members of the Kennedy family were not pleased with this due to their disapproval of RFK’s politics. One of his cousins called his stances on medical issues “dangerous.”

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RFK Jr. apologized to his family members who were offended by the commercial. He also stated that his campaign did not create the commercial, nor did the group who created it clear it with their knowledge.


Robert Kennedy Jr. Apologizes for Super Bowl Commercial – YouTube

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