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Over 100 Kids Given Wrong Dose Of The Vaccine In Virginia

Over 100 kids between the ages of 5 and 11 were given the wrong dose of the vax at a pharmacy in Loudoun County, Virginia. The outrage surrounding this incident is probably at a fever pitch considering what has been happening in this part of the Commonwealth. Loudoun County is ground-zero for Critical Race Theory. It is not necessary to dive too far into the weeds of the ideology to understand its purpose. Children are being harmed in immeasurable ways by this ideology that teaches victimhood and oppression that simply does not exist. It also behaves as a literal shield for actual victims, like the 12-year-old girl who was assaulted in the bathroom due to the “inclusion” of allowing boys in girls’ spaces.

This latest incident involving the harming of children in Loudoun County would make an outsider think that this part of Virginia has a vendetta against children. A video curated by YouTube attempted to engage in some damage control by explaining away this incident as sort of a mishap. But once a person understands the depth of the situation, words like “mishap” and “mixup” cannot be used if honesty is paramount.

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The vaccine has just been approved by the FDA for children ages 5-11. This caused a rush of scared parents flocking to pharmacies all over the nation to get their kids “vaxed up”. According to a report, at least 900,000 children have gotten the vaccine in the United States. The stated goal is to have 28 million children vaccinated. So of course, there is a big marketing campaign spearheaded by the federal Government to accomplish said goal. The problem is that certain pharmacies in very liberal areas, such as Loudoun County, may become overwhelmed with requests for vaccination. The pharmacy in question simply ran out of the vaccines that are specifically for kids. Their “solution” to this problem opened a giant can of worms.

Instead of the Loudoun County pharmacy simply admitting that they had run of out children’s vaccines, they tried a work-around. The pharmacy knows that the kid-friendly version of the vaccine is no different than the adult version, just one-third the amount. So what they did was take the in-stock adult vaccine and shot each child up with one third of the vial. The problem is that there was not enough liquid to combine with the active vaccine ingredients to constitute a proper dose. This is exaclty why the kid-frieindly vaccine had different vials and needles than the adult version. This was pure negligence, not simply a mistake or a mixup.

Parents are now left in limbo as it relates to their next course of action. For some reason, children are expected to get another dose after their first one. But if a random, haphazardly measured dose was administred then parents cannot truly know what dose to give next. Maybe one child was given too much and another child was not given enough. And why would any parent who’s child was given a random amount of a vaccine in a complete disregard of rules and regulations trust the same people to administer another dose? They probably won’t… unless they have been brainwashed to trust people like Anthony Fauci who will tell them everything is fine even when their own eyes and ears tell them something else.

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