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Pastor Jamal Bryant Wants To Grow And Sell Weed At His Church

Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant of New Birth Baptist Church wants to grow and possibly sell weed from his church. Bryant made the comments on the “Cool Soror” podcast with Rashan Ali. For the sake of context, it is important to note that he was apparently mentioning ideas to get more black males involved with the church. Especially those from “rougher” areas of Atlanta like Bankhead. The problem is that this method may not bide well with existing members of the church or true bible-thumpers who aren’t interested in smoking weed, let alone selling it from the church.

The Metro Atlanta, Georgia megachurch is no stranger to controversy. It is the former home of pastor Eddie Long, who died back in 2017 allegedly of cancer. Eddie Long was the center of a scandal involving himself and several men who accused him of abusing them as children. Much of the congregation abandoned the church during that time, but some stayed.

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Jamal Bryant is also no stranger to controversy. He has fathered children by members of his previous church in Baltimore, Maryland. There have been several statements from Bryant that he made behind the pulpit that garnered a lot of negative attention. The statement about selling weed from the church is yet another inflammatory statement from the controversial pastor.


Pastor Jamal Bryant Wants To Grow & Sell Weed At Church

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