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Pastor Mark Driscoll Kicked Off Stage At Christian Men’s Conference After Criticizing Stripper Performance

After criticizing the opening performance, Pastor Mark Driscoll was kicked off the stage at a Christian men’s conference. The Stronger Men’s Conference was held at the Great Southern Bank Arena in Springfield, Missouri, on April 12 and 13. The stated goal of the event was to help men be all that God created them to be. The opening performance was of a male stripper and sword swallower named Alex Malaga. Malaga did his act shirtless on a raised platform at the event.

Pastor Mark Driscoll tore into this spectacle, saying that it is equivalent to the jezebel spirit from women that exists in strip clubs. After a short time on stage speaking about the incident, event organizer John Lindell kicked Mark off stage, citing Matthew 18. Lindell cited scripture: “If your brother offends you, go to him privately.” Ironically enough, Lindell criticized Driscoll for his actions on stage in front of everyone instead of speaking to him about it behind closed doors.

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Pastor Kicked Off Stage After Slamming ‘Strip’ Show at Christian Event

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