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Patriot Front Cringe-Worthy Video Leaks Online

A controversial group called “Patriot Front” were apparently victims of a data leak in which a cringe-worthy video has surfaced. A group of men from the organization were apparently rehearsing lines for some sort of promotional video. After the seconds-long video was cut, they exchanged some back-and-forth banter. A few curse words and even a “Sieg Heil” came out. The video essentially validated those who believe the Patriot Front is some sort of extremist group. The video was also lambasted online for having members who appear to be federal agents.


Patriot Front Leak Links U.S. Facsist Group to Hate Crimes

Patriot Front | Southern Poverty Law Center

March for Life: Antiabortion protesters gather in D.C. – The Washington Post

Patriot Front Chicago protest crashes anti-abortion March for Life in Loop; white supremacist group used Nazi slogans in past – ABC7 Chicago

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