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Paul Pelosi Attack Footage From Police Bodycam Released

Police bodycam footage of the attack on Paul Pelosi by David DePape has been released to the general public. In total, there are two significant clips that everyone can view. The first clip is of the actual break-in. Speculation circled around how David DePape broke into the home of Paul and Nancy Pelosi. Some say the debris outside the house was not congruent with someone using a hammer to smash the glass. However, surveillance footage does show DePape in the Pelosis’ backyard smashing the back door glass in with a typical claw metal hammer.

The second clip that has been released to the general public is the actual attack on Paul Pelosi. This was also the center of controversy due to the contradicting and confusing reports that were initially released about it. Police were called to Pelosi’s residence at around 2:30 am local time. When the police arrived, however, the story was confusing at best. One report says that the police opened the door. Another report says that Paul Pelosi opened the door. Yet another, separate report says that a third party opened the door. The body camera footage shows both Paul and DePape at the front door when the police arrive. However, it is still not clear exactly who opened the door.

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David DePape did, in fact, strike Paul Pelosi in the head with a hammer shortly after police arrived. Some reports made it seem like Pelosi walked down a hallway back to DePape after he opened the door by himself instead of leaving out with the police. That was simply false and/or an inaccurate way to express the series of events. Pelosi and DePape appearing at the door together without a strongly visible struggle was confusing for police… if even for just a handful of seconds. This is why DePape was able to strike Pelosi. The police immediately subdued DePape and got Paul Pelosi medical attention for his fractured skull.


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