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The Tyre Nichols Tragedy Could Have Been Avoided

A 29-year-old black male by the name of Tyre Nichols died three days after being stopped in traffic by Memphis Police Department. Body camera and “Sky Cam” footage show Nichols resisting arrest while being beaten by a group of five officers. Obviously, the officers were trying to gain control of a resisting person. However, their efforts obviously went overboard. Video of the incident shows officers kicking, punching, tasing, using a baton to beat the man, and an overall lack of concern for his health. Five of the officers were fired and then charged with a series of crimes including kidnapping and second-degree murder.

Protests are expected to take place across the country. Major cities are preparing for the worst. This type of reaction has become common since Black Lives Matter and groups like it have emerged onto the scene. The George Floyd riots of 2020 kind of serve as a template for “protests” going forward. Much of this has a financial incentive behind it. After all, people are more likely to accept wonton violence and mayhem over the death of an “innocent” black man at the hands of police or some random white man. If an innocent black man is killed by a white woman, he may become a meme depending upon the circumstances. If a black man is killed by another black man and the killer is not in law enforcement then nobody cares. As is the case the majority of the time when someone is killed in Memphis.

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