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Planet Fitness Waves The White Flag And Raises $10 Membership After Transgender Fiasco

Planet Fitness has announced plans to raise their famous $10 monthly base pan for the first time in 26 years. This announcement comes just a few weeks after the trans bathroom fiasco. The long-standing price point is synonymous with the brand. This is why it has not been changed for so long. There are other plans aside from base membership, including the $25 “Black Card” membership, which gives customers access to more locations and other perks. And, of course, there are trainers and other amenities that customers can pay for.

Planet Fitness did not cite the specific reason why the price change is happening. Some news articles cite inflation that is gripping the entire world. Others, including Planet Fitness insiders, cite the obvious – which is the transgender bathroom fiasco that took place in March. A woman at a Fairbanks, Alaska, Planet Fitness location posted a picture of a man in the women’s room. She followed the picture with a video of herself talking about what happened. The woman was disciplined by the gym because her membership was revoked. The photo, her video, and the story all went viral.

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Almost immediately afterward, a reported $400 million loss in market cap was reported. The losses are so bad that the long-standing price point to entry must now be raised 50%. As of the writing of this article, there are no plans to raise the Black Card price, but that will most likely happen next.


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