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Ann Coulter Goes Full Racist On Vivek Ramaswamy’s Podcast

Political contributor Ann Coulter appeared on a podcast with recent 2024 Presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy. Almost immediately after Vivek introduced Coulter, she launched into what can only be called a racist rant. She started her comments by complimenting Vivek, calling him “articulate.” She followed that compliment up with sort of a backhand at black people, saying that it would be improper to use that compliment because it was offensive.

Coulter continued showering Vivek with compliments before she ultimately said she would not have voted for him because he’s Indian. Her reasoning for this statement is that she thinks the “WASP” (White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant) culture should be dominant, and the President of the United States should represent that culture.

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Coulter also spoke about immigrant groups consistently voting for leftist ideology in each election. Ramaswamy challenged her on this, saying that there are plenty of WASPs who vote for dangerous leftist ideology. To this, she stated that there is more wavering of ideology within whites than other groups, and that is how elections are decided.


Way of the World on X: “Ann Coulter tells Vivek she agreed with many of his policies but would not have voted for him because he’s an Indian. 😂” / X

News Nomad 🗞 on X: “📝CLASS ACT: @VivekGRamaswamy maintains COMPLETE composure as @AnnCoulter says she’d never vote for him due to his ETHNICITY. Throughout the interview, Coulter claimed repeatedly that American civic ideals only work among an Anglo-Saxon population.” / X

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