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President Of Haiti Assassinated By Group of Colombians & Haitian-Americans

The President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, was assassinated in his Port-Au-Prince home by a gang of 28 mercenaries. The mercenaries allegedly pushed past Moise’s security detail and invaded his compound. The President was shot and killed shortly afterward. The President’s wife was also shot but she survived and is currently in good condition. 26 Colombians and 2 Haitian-Americans have been implicated in the assassination. Some of the alleged mercenaries have already been killed by Haitian authorities while others remain in custody.

Several of the arrested invididuals have ties to US law enforcement and/or intelligence agencies. One of the mercenaries is a confirmed DEA informant. Reports state that the man contacted his DEA contacts in the US after the assassination was over. The DEA and FBI refuse to speak on the specifics of any informants. The two Haitian-Americans who were arrested identified themselves as translators. Some of the Colombians who were arrested stated that they were hired by a security firm out of South Florida. A colleague of the arrested Colombians says that the men were not mercenaries they are simply a security force. The colleague did not make the trip to Haiti allegedly due to a positive COVID test.

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A South Florida Haitian-American doctor by the name of Christian Emmanuel Sanon was arrested in Florida for his connection to the President’s assassination. Authorities recovered weapons, ammunition, several Dominican Republic license plates, and a DEA hat (along with other items) from Sanon’s home. The DEA hat may tie back to the DEA informant who was arrested with the other “mercenaries” hired by the security firm. There were also reports that the men who are now in custody and/or dead shouted “DEA” before they raided the Haitian President’s home.

Jovenel Moïse is one of four heads of state who have recently died or been killed. The Presidents of Burundi, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), and Tanzania have all died within the past year. Some allege that their hesitancy to allow the vaccine in their country is to blame. This allegation will take some investigation to physically prove. However, prior to Moise’s death, there were no vaccines in Haiti and this was a purposeful decision by leadership who had refused the AstraZeneca “jab”. US Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced that vaccines will be in Haiti within the next two weeks just a minute or two after she directly addressed the assassination of the Haitian President.


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