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Fox News Host Battles Runaway Texas House Democrat On Air

Fox News host Pete Hegseth got into a heated debate with one of the Texas State House Democrats who fled to Washington DC. The Democrats fled in protest of new voting laws supported by all Republicans in the state. Republicans control the State House so this protest will ultimately be in vain. Democrats simply want to send a message to Texas Republicans. They also want to support federal legislation that may supersede state law, essentially federalizing elections.

According to Texas law, 2/3 of the state legislature must be present in order for any voting to go forward. Texas law also states that any member of the state legislature that declines to show up may be subject to arrest. The arrest is not necessarily about imprisonment, but their presence will essentially be forced. The powers of arrest only apply to the state of Texas. Since all (except for four) of the Democrats left the state, they cannot be arrested and extradited back to Austin.

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One of the “runaway” Texas Democrats, James Talarico appeared on Fox News for an interview. Pete Hegseth asked Talarico questions about the obviously staged protest by Talarico and his colleagues. Talarico responded with quite a few well-known talking points. One thing he mentioned was that the wave of voting reform around the country is inspired by Donald Trump objecting to the election results of 2020. Talarico also said that he opposes voter identification in general which was obviously in place long before Trump ever announced that he was going to run. Hegseth made an obvious observation throughout their minutes-long back-and-forth. Texas Democrats are being used by Democrats in the federal government to push forward a national agenda, at the expense of their constituents in Texas.

Texas Democrats have pledged to stay away from the state until the 30-day special session is over in August. When they return to Texas, another special session could be called and they will be right back in the same boat. An event like this happened about 15 or so years ago in Texas. Democrats stayed away from the state for months until they finally had no choice but to give up and allow the vote to happen.

It is not clear who paid for the Texas Democrats to travel on two private jets or who will be paying for their hotel rooms. Since they are in DC essentially lobbying for federal control of elections, the money bag won’t be very difficult to locate.

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