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Pro-Trans Activist Screams In Protest At San Francisco Board Of Directors Meeting

A pro-trans activist screamed at the top of her lungs during a Board of Directors meeting in San Francisco. The person was screaming in protest of the death of a black trans man named Banko Brown. An armed Walgreens security guard shot and killed 24-year-old Brown last Thursday during an altercation after an alleged shoplifting incident. The race of the security guard, 33-year-old Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony, does not appear to be publicly known.

Many people who were interviewed on the street about the shooting say that shoplifting has spiraled out of control in the city due to economic conditions. They fail to mention that it is widely known that theft of anything valued under $1,000 in San Francisco will rarely, if ever, be prosecuted. San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins says that the security guard will not be charged in the shooting. Jenkins says that the guard believed he was in mortal danger and acted in self-defense. Security camera and/or cellphone footage of the shooting may be available, but not necessarily to the public as nothing has hit social media.

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