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Tim Pool Debates Lance From The Serfs About Abortion, LGBT Issues

Tim Pool had an interesting debate and conversation with Lance from “The Serfs” YouTube channel that has gained a lot of attention online. They had a two-and-a-half-hour podcast together on Pool’s channel that was obviously wide-ranging due to its sheer length. One, maybe two moments from the podcast stood out.

The first standout moment is when Pool grilled Lance on the concept of abortion. Lance stood firm in his belief that a woman should be able to do whatever she wants with her body at any time. Pool asked about “meth”, meaning should a woman be able to smoke meth while pregnant. Lance looked sort of confused and said that maybe some sort of child protective agency should step in. Pool asked why would that happen if she can do whatever she wants with her body. Lance responded that a woman smoking meth would actively be trying to kill her baby. At that moment, Pool gave him a look and said “hold on there a minute.” Lance realized, at that point, that he had backed himself into a corner.

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Another moment from the debate is when Tim Pool and Lance discussed LGBT issues. The specific matter here was transgenderism being pushed onto children. Pool asserted that when children, and other people, have irreversible surgeries, it is akin to genocide because they will not be able to reproduce. Pool also said that not only can someone like Jazz Jennings not produce children, but he also does not have any actual sexual feelings due to the damage done to his body. Lance decided to focus on the “sexual feeling” part of Pool’s statement, ignoring the most important part, which was about the inability to reproduce… the effective sterilization.


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